Know the slate


S l a t e has been experiencing its recession during last years. While 20 years ago, the imagination of future world was plastic and latex, the opposite is true! Actual trends clearly show increasing popularity of natural materials, true wood and decorations of stone. Slate is a pure natural material without any chemical additives or dyes, thus 100 % ecological. Natural slate does not belong to artificially produced materials, therefore neither to artificially dyed nor colored. Stone color – slate is always natural, original and mainly is dependent on its origin. It’s characterized by long-time durability and color fastness. Its use is proven by time and history, as this solely natural product originated about 300 million years ago.

S l a t e - b a c k t o n a t u r e ... The proof of universal use of slate as natural stone are stylish serving platters, saucers, decorative accessories for dining tables, and so on. These products are made in various dimensions and finishes – from glossy to raw (natural, without any finish). Cheese variations, cakes and other delicious foods stand out on them. Surface structure and look of individual products may be different, what is determined by material properties, which has natural tendency to cleave by layers. By this on the surface occur cleaves, capillaries or roughness, which complete its nature very efficiently. Original design of this natural stone in modern or classic style will also satisfy demanding customers. 

O r i g i n a l H A N D M A D E W O R K ... Practically all serving products from natural slate are our original handmade work, without use of laser cutting or water beam, therefore it’s not possible to produce two identical products. This way of production maintains typical feature of slate – cleavage on the edges of product, thereby giving a unique and original look. Crumpling or furrows on the surface are natural phenomenon of slate. 


A few questions and answers on slate, which can be interested for you

Are slate products intended for serving meals treated with any preparation?

YES, slate products that will be in contact with foods are treated with certified preparation for direct contact with foods, which creates “Nano effect”, i.e. repeals oil, grease, and liquids.

Is it necessary to regularly treat products? Is slate difficult for treatment?

We deliver slate products that are treated with preparation for direct contact with foods (as mentioned above, or in natural condition if required by customer), products are not washable in the dishwasher, so it’s necessary to clean them manually under flowing water, if they are very dirty, they may be also cleaned with cleaning agent (e.g. dishwashing liquid), to clean and leave to dry. During use of product, we recommend to continuously treat with edible oil (coconut or olive oil) and wipe it dry after a while.

Do slate products intended for serving have also anti-scratch pads?

YES, on the bottom of products are sticked felt or rubber pads. 

Can I store a serving slate plate together with meal in the fridge?

YES, you can. 

Is a serving plate also suitable for use in hot-air oven, e.g. to bake bread?

NO, we do not recommend to use it in hot-air oven, due to temperature and cleavage.