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Slate pendant made with soft soldering technique

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Slate pendant made with soft soldering technique.

Soft soldering is type of bonding in which are used so-called soft solders with melting point from 215°C to about 400°C, which is possible to reach also with a classic electrical soldering iron. Maybe you know this technique as “tiffany”. That’s not like that. Tiffany technique is a classic technique from the past. It’s used mainly for stained glass in churches or lamps, and so on. At the final stage of production follows so-called preservation, i.e. to prevent from the oxidation of applied tin and patination, which will give the jewel so-called an ancient touch, so it serves for such final finishing of the shade. 

This jewel is original – just a single piece in offer

Design and implementation of the pendant: Andrea Király

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