Rectangle Slate Platter EXCLUSIVE copper 44x16 cm - NEW PRODUCTS

Rectangle Slate Platter EXCLUSIVE copper 44x16 cm

  • Kód produktu:4338
  • Dostupnost:Not avialable
  • Rozměry/cm (l x w x h):44.00 x 16.00 x 3.60
  • 25,00€

Rectangle Slate Platter EXCLUSIVE With Copper Handle.

Platter made from natural slate is right choice as a supplement to the kitchen and dining-room for serving sushi, sweets, cakes, bonbons, pralines, fruits, biscuits, canapé.

Slate is treated with special preparation or with edible oil that creates "nano effect". It repeals oil, grease and liquids. It is also certified for direct contact with food.

Every single product is hand-made original. Each piece can slightly differ from the other one. This product is not washable in dishwasher. 

Note: there are pads in packaging to protect the table form scratches. Set is delivered in gift packaging.

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